Our reduced-size padel court that fits anywhere.

Mini court

Our Mini Court is a reduced-size padel court (10.47x5.47m) with a lowered height (1m), ideal for smaller spaces, home practice, or younger players.

Designed by Portico Sport's engineering department, this court is manufactured with the same premium-quality materials as the rest of our padel courts.

Despite being the smallest court, it offers the same stability, durability, and resistance. If you're looking for a compact padel court, the Mini Court is an excellent choice.

I want a Mini Court

Compact yet Mighty: Discover Our Mini Court

Our Mini Court, specially designed to introduce children to the joy of padel from an early age.

The smaller size of this court ensures that kids can comfortably enjoy the game, tailored to their height and physical abilities.

Not only does it provide a safe and enjoyable environment for kids to play, but it also offers numerous benefits for clubs: parents can play padel while their children engage in the sport, fostering a unique and welcoming atmosphere in the club.

Despite its compact size, our Mini Court boasts the same aesthetic appeal as conventional courts and offers exceptional wind resistance. Plus, with customizable options available, young players can feel like champions on the court.

Mini court front view Mini court perspective view Mini court top view

Experience the benefits of our Mini court

10 years warranty
Rest assured with our 10-year warranty on the structural integrity of our courts, designed to withstand high wind speeds.
Small and versatile court
Ideal for smaller spaces, home practice, or younger players, this court offers the same stability and resilience as the rest of our padel courts.
Premium materials
Crafted with premium materials for maximum strength and durability, our courts offer premium quality.

Experience the excellence of our premium quality court structure


A reduced-size padel court crafted with galvanized steel structure ensuring maximum resistance to abrasion and oxidation.

The court structure consists of galvanized S275JR steel profiles, anchored securely to the ground using anchor plates.

The side and top frames are complemented by electro-welded mesh in accordance with UNE-EN-10223-4 standards.

To mitigate mesh vibrations, the structure incorporates intermediate scaffolding. Fastening the structure to the pavement is achieved with countersunk metal anchors measuring M8X80 mm. Plus, its assembly process is seamless, thanks to self-locking safety screws and nuts made of galvanized steel.

The structure of Portico Sport padel courts undergoes manufacturing processes including cutting-edge industrial technologies such as:

  • Laser cutting guarantees precise cuts and delivers high-quality finishing.
  • A fully automated robotic welding assembly line guarantees the quality of welds, preventing potential oxidation in the future.
Interior and exterior single court sizes

Mini Court measurements


Length: 10,47 m

Width: 5,47 m


Length: 10 m

Width: 5 m


Tempered Safety Glass in Every Court!

Discover unrivaled safety and durability in our padel courts. Despite its compact size, our Mini Court boasts the same aesthetic appeal as conventional courts and features tempered safety glass, available in either 10 or 12 mm thickness, tailored to the specific requirements of this court.

Rest assured, our glass meets all regulatory standards for installations of this kind. Partnering with esteemed Spanish manufacturers boasting CE marking, we guarantee top-notch quality in every aspect of our construction.

GLAZING is done using clear tempered glass with polished edges, fixed to the metal structure using countersunk polyethylene bushings, galvanized screws and neoprene gaskets for perfect glass/metal support, with a total of 6 anchor holes. Our glass panels boast outstanding physical and mechanical properties, including impact resistance and optimal flatness.

Mobile court patented by Portico Sport
Orange painted mobile courtOrange painted mobile courtExterior of a yellow mobile courtBlue structure paintedPink structure paintedA violet court

Structure paint

Did you know that now you can add a splash of color to your court?

Discover the epitome of distinction in padel court construction with a range of lacquer types, providing endless options to paint your court's structures in vibrant hues. Our LACQUERED PAINT offers maximum resistance to abrasion and oxidation. Choose the RAL color that suits your preference and stand out on with our customizable color options.

Allow your court to reflect your individual style, whether you choose a monochromatic look or decide to infuse vibrancy with a bicolor design. Even in a smaller court, the right paint can make it stand out and catch attention.

  • INDOOR: powder coating formulated with thermos-fusible resins.
  • OUTDOOR: thermo-fusible powder primer treatment with a high zinc content formulated to improve the corrosion protection of galvanized steel.
  • HOT DIP GALVANIZED: treatment of molten zinc at a temperature of 450 ºC in order to achieve high protection of parts against corrosion in marine environments. Includes powder coating formulated with thermo-fusible resins.


Experience Unmatched Performance on our Turf!

We partner with the top turf companies to ensure your court receives premium quality turf. Every court is equipped with the latest generation turf engineered with textured monofilaments, featuring different thickness and pile heights, very low abrasion, made of polyethylene (PE) and specific additives with high resistance to wear and anti-UV treatment, resistant to heat and extreme weather fluctuations.

Stabilization fill and ballast using rounded, washed and dried silica sand, with 97% silica, granulometry between 0,2 - 0,6 mm in an approximate quantity of 10-15 Kg/m2, depending on the lawn model.

Our cutting-edge turf guarantees padel players an optimized playing speed and improved ball bounce and offers the option of straight or curled fibers and is available in a wide variety of colors.

Mobile court top view

Curled turf

A system of artificial turf that combines curled textured fibers

Curled turf

Straight Turf

Cutting-edge artificial turf system composed of straight fibers

Straight Turf

Led lighting

Illuminate Your Game with Portico Sport's Padel Court Lighting!

Enjoy the ultimate LED lighting solution for padel courts, exclusively offered by Portico Sport in partnership with leading specialists in the field.

Our padel court lighting ensures optimal illumination and uniformity across all playing areas. From the net to the access zones, background, sidelines, and high ball zones, our lighting solution eliminates glare and shadows, providing players with unparalleled visibility and performance.

The quality of our projectors, designed to withstand impacts up to IK10, with IP66-IP67 sealing degrees and resistance to voltage surges of 4kV - 6kV, combined with high heat dissipation capabilities of the housings, allows for an extended lifespan of our projectors, with a warranty of up to 5 years.

Our projectors are designed to cover all types of courts specified in the European standard for sports lighting (UNE-EN-12193:2020), ranging from recreational use (Class III) to professional competitions or televised broadcasts (Class I - NIDE standard).

Lighting types

PV: 8 X 180W

PV: 8 X 180W

Proven technology endorsed by our experience and the vast majority of professional players.

PV-D: 12 X 180W

PV-D: 12 X 180W

Lighting for clubs that want to be at the level of the best and with top-notch conditions.

Lighting masts

Our masts, attached and anchored to the court structure, are crafted from galvanized and lacquered S275 JR steel profiles, ensuring durability and reliability. Standing at an impressive height of 6 meters, each mast provides support for 2 projectors, illuminating your court with precision and clarity.

Choose from our range of aesthetic options to complement your court design:

Straight Mast

Straight Mast

For a sleek and linear look.

V-shaped Mast

V-shaped Mast

Adding a touch of aggressiveness to your court.

Curved Mast

Curved Mast

Offering a fluid and elegant solution.

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