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Based in Spain, Portico Sport is one of the leading Padel courts & canopies manufacturer globally. The company counts with 15 yrs. track record in the industry, presence in over 35 countries and +3,500 courts installed.

Portico Sport stands for quality and excellence in customer service. Our engineering DNA enable us to be manufacturer with a complete turnkey offering combining courts and canopies with 100% in-house design and manufacturing.

In 2023 the company inaugurated a new manufacturing site expanding over 110k sqft making it the largest and most technologically advanced in the industry.

With you throughout the entire process



Starting a strong, lasting relationship based on trust and customer satisfaction.

2. Commercial agreement

Design and drafting of a commercial proposal tailored to the needs, goals, and preferences of each client.

3. Personalized Advice with Engineering and Architecture Departments

Our technical team will be with you throughout the entire process, aiming to provide comprehensive and high-quality service that meets our clients' expectations. Our dedicated team is a guaranteed value for success.

4. Financing if applicable

Portico Sport has advantageous agreements with different entities to offer personalized financing services with excellent conditions to our clients. The goal is to provide tailored solutions according to their needs.

5. Design, manufacturing, and installation according to each client's needs

Based on the highest quality standards, our courts and canopies are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of each client because we understand that every project is unique.

6. Installed courts

Portico Sport guarantees satisfaction and quality in all our projects. Quality, innovation, trust, and experience are our pillars.

7. After-Sales service

Customer-oriented, we maintain a close relationship from the beginning to the after-sales service because with Portico Sport, you'll never walk alone. For our company, after-sales service is essential to ensure customer satisfaction by providing technical support, resolving any concerns, and establishing long-term relationships.

8. Growing together

For Portico Sport, it is equally important to offer exceptional after-sales service as it is to strengthen and foster long-term relationships with all our clients.

Starting a strong, lasting relationship based on trust and customer satisfaction.

Commercial partners

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Padel Courts

Mobile court system patented by Portico Sport

More about mobile court
Patented court system that avoids anchoring the court to the ground. The court can be placed in the same place for extended periods of time and enjoys the same structural robustness as a traditionally anchored court. Perfect to be placed on top of tennis courts, where ground works for traditional courts are costly or simply prefer not to do them!

Flow court

More about Flow court
Unparalleled esthetics, unobstructed views, feel like a pro! Design to provide players with pro-grade playing experience while withstanding the regular heavy use conditions of a padel club

Panoramic court

More about panoramic court
12mm glass, minimalistic design, maximum robustness! Our panoramic court provides the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Panoramic Force 80

More about Panoramic Force 80 court

The Panoramic Force 80 model is designed to withstand category 5 hurricane winds. This court combines the robustness of our successful Club Force 80 model with the visual spectacularity of our Panoramic courts

Its exclusive reinforcements system allows you to effortlessly switch from a standard panoramic court to an ultra-resistant fortress ahead of storms and hurricanes in no time.

Club court

More about club court
The Club model is our all-around court. Exceptional structural design and built for heavy use and maximum durability. A court designed with padel clubs in mind, a court that will stand the test of time.

Club Force 80 court

More about Club Force 80 court
Our Club Force 80 model was designed to withstand category 5 hurricane winds. The specifically designed structure coupled with a special anchoring systems allows for this court to be installed in the toughest locations anywhere in the world.

Single court

More about single court
Same length, reduced width enabling padel to be enjoyed 1vs1. This court is also ideal for individual classes, specific training or to maximize utilization space in your club where a doubles court does not fit.

Mini court

More about mini court
Kids can learn padel from a very early age, however, the size of court can be overwhelming for them. With this court, kids can enjoy padel with a court adapted to their heigh and physical power.

Strength, durability and perfect integration


Portico Sport is the only padel court manufacturer that also builds canopies specifically designed for racket sports offering our clients a holistic approach to their project needs.

Our expertise as an engineering firm has allowed us to design canopies specifically conceived for sports practice, particularly for PADEL, combining differentiating features for this sport that are hard to match by other types of canopies. PORTICO SPORT is a leader in design and installation of sports canopies worldwide.

More about canopies

Why choose Portico Sport?


With over 15 years of experience in managing large projects across five continents, we have developed an international commercial network in each area to provide the best service to every client.


In our commitment to innovation, Portico Sport offers the best design and quality in our courts and canopies, with record delivery times and full warranties. We provide padel courts and canopies with maximum strength and durability.


Padel courts that comply with regulations

Designed and developed by engineering department of PORTICO SPORT for the practice of padel at the highest level, our courts comply with the official sports regulations (NIDE 2004 Padel), the regulations and standards of the FIP (International Padel Federation) and structural calculation based on the Standard «Structural Steel Instruction (EAE)» and American Code: AISC-360 AND ASCE SEI 7-16-. All our courts come with a 10-year guarantee (structural stability).


As an engineering firm, Portico Sport provides a comprehensive construction process from start to finish, with a team of specialized professionals who guide you through every step, recognizing that each project is unique.


Quality, Innovation, Trust, Experience and Speed

A leading company in the national and international landscape.

Foundation and platforms

We specialize in the construction and repair of asphalt and concrete slabs and structural foundations.


Metallic structure made of galvanized steel, oven-baked with thermoplastic polyester paint. It features one layer for indoor courts and two layers for outdoor installations, manufactured to meet the highest market standards.


All courts are equipped with tempered safety glass, 10 or 12 mm thick depending on each project, strictly complying with the regulations established for this type of facility.

Artifitial turf

Premium quality artificial turf in parnertship with top tur companies, of the latest generation, with straight or curly fibers…


We install the best Led projectors, from the most renowned manufacturers on the market.

Customize your court

CUSTOMIZE YOUR COURT: Benches integrated into the structure, corners engraved with the club's logo, screen-printed net,...

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Don't hesitate to contact our team of experts for more information on padel courts! We're here to answer all your questions and help you find the court that best suits your needs. Additionally, if you'd like, we can also design and build your own customized court according to your preferences and specifications. We look forward to hearing from you soon!