Transform your club with Portico Sport: Innovation, Premium quality, and Customization await!

Write by Portico July 4, 2024

Thinking about adding padel courts to your club or upgrading your existing ones? Making the right choice can transform your entire facility by offering an exceptional playing experience!

At Portico Sport, we are dedicated to excellence and innovation, understanding the crucial role that the right court and materials play in the success of your installation. Our vision is to deliver high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing courts that cater to the needs of clubs and players alike.

Here’s how our premium quality courts stand out:

1. Mobile Court:

    Our patented court system that avoids anchoring the court to the ground. The court can be placed in the same place for extended periods of time and enjoys the same structural robustness as a traditionally anchored court. Perfect to be placed on top of tennis courts, where ground works for traditional courts are costly or simply prefer not to do them!

    2. Panoramic Courts:

    Our Panoramic and Flow courts offer a sleek design with unobstructed views, perfect for spectators to enjoy the game from every angle. These courts are ideal for club matches and events, providing a professional and visually stunning setup.

    3. Force 80 Courts:

    Built for the toughest conditions, our Club Force 80 and Panoramic Force 80 models are engineered to withstand category 5 hurricane winds, making them ideal for the most challenging environments worldwide.

    4. Club Courts:

    The Club model is our all-around court, featuring an exceptional structural design built for heavy use and maximum durability. This court is specifically designed with padel clubs in mind, ensuring it will stand the test of time. Additionally, our Club Plus model includes a reinforced structure, making it ideal for installation in areas with particularly tough weather conditions.

    5. Single Court:

    Same length, reduced width enabling padel to be enjoyed 1vs1. This court is also ideal for individual classes, specific training or to maximize utilization space in your club where a doubles court does not fit.

    6. Mini Court:

    Kids can learn padel from a very early age, however, the size of court can be overwhelming for them. This court is ideal for these young players, small spaces and home practice.

      What additional value does Portico Sport bring to your facility?

      ✅ High-Performance Canopies: Play is guaranteed regardless of weather conditions with our canopies. They are energy-efficient and extend the usability of your courts year-round.

      Durable Surfaces: Our courts are crafted with high-quality materials that ensure excellent grip and longevity.

      ✅ Custom Turf Options and Other Components to Customize Your Court: Our partnership with top turf companies allows us to offer a wide variety of bespoke turf colors, as well as the highest quality and customization in lighting, structures, nets, benches, scoreboards, hooks, etc.

      Adding padel courts to your club not only enhances your facility but also attracts new members eager for a vibrant, social, and healthy sport. With the summer here, now it’s the perfect time to expand your offerings and keep your members engaged!

      Interested in transforming your club with our premium padel courts? Contact us today and let’s create the perfect space for your members to enjoy!