Portico Sport introduces to the market this innovative padel court designed exclusively for the Hexagon Cup Tournament.

Write by Portico February 19, 2024


Discover this Exclusive Padel Court by Portico Sport

The thrill of padel reaches new heights of exclusivity with the unveiling of the Exclusive Court designed by Portico Sport’s engineers for the prestigious Hexagon Cup Tournament. This groundbreaking project, exclusively manufactured and designed by Portico Sport, offers a truly unique experience.

This exclusive court features its unique purple turf, setting a new standard of distinction and originality for your club. This unprecedented color not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also provides excellent visibility and ball definition for players.

In addition, this court boasts high-quality features such as specially designed spotlights that ensure optimal lighting during matches, a robust structure, and other customized elements that make every game an unforgettable experience.

The Exclusive Court, designed for indoor use, is now available for those seeking a distinctive, innovative, elegant, and high-quality addition to their club, where players can enjoy an exclusive venue for their favorite sport.

Give your club a competitive edge, stand out from the crowd, and offer your members a unique experience.

Portico Sport introduces this innovative padel court exclusively designed for the Hexagon Cup Tournament. Our team of engineers has created a unique space that blends design, quality, and functionality. This court will become the focal point for clubs, padel enthusiasts, and the stage for thrilling matches akin to those witnessed at the Hexagon Cup featuring the world’s best padel players.