Portico Sport, New Official Court Supplier of the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP)

Write by Portico January 25, 2024

The president of the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP), Ramón Morcillo, and Sergio Tello, CEO of Portico Sport, signed an agreement sealing the alliance between both parties.

A promising start to 2024 unfolds with new agreements becoming a reality in the Spanish Padel Federation. This week a new alliance materialized with which Portico Sport becomes the new Technical Sponsor and Official Court Supplier of the FEP.

The Extremadura-based company, Portico Sport, has established itself as a global leader in the manufacturing of padel courts, also pioneering in the design and installation of canopies worldwide. With 15 years of experience in managing large projects, surpassing 3,000 courts and hundreds of canopies installed in over 40 countries, the company inaugurated a new manufacturing plant in 2023, becoming the largest and most technologically advanced in the industry, reinforcing its leadership position in the international market.

The new alliance was signed by FEP president, Ramón Morcillo, and Portico Sport CEO, Sergio Tello. It includes the implementation of initiatives focused on the continuous improvement of Spanish padel, a relentless goal pursued by the FEP. This encompasses the activation of a scholarship program for youth player and junior categories, as well as activities in the field of adapted padel.

«We are very pleased to announce this new alliance with a leading company in its sector like Portico Sport. The initiation of new agreements and synergies aims to further position our sport and continue on the path of growth and improvement of padel in our country,» stated FEP president Ramón Morcillo.

Sergio Tello, CEO of Portico Sport, expressed, «It is an honor for Portico Sport to be recognized as the Official Court Supplier of the Spanish Padel Federation, sharing the vision of the growth and continuous improvement of padel. We are excited to contribute directly to the development of padel with initiatives such as scholarship programs and adapted padel activities. We appreciate the trust of the FEP.»