Portico has been characterized throughout its route by the construction of padel courts of the highest quality, offering structures with avant-garde design while robust, using only materials of the best quality..
Our main objective is to offer our customers a perfect finish by applying the latest technology in the sector. 

We manufacture three models of courts:
–    Club 80 model.
–    Club 60 model.
–    Panoramic Model.

The main characteristics of our padel courts are:

  • We design and fabricate our structures so that the electrical installation is channeled through the interior. Fulfilling in this way the regulations of the IPF in terms of elements that invade the court. On the other hand, we avoid to our clients the expensive channeling of pipes and tunnels by the pavement.
  • Anti-injury profile attached to the frame to generate continuity between the meshes, with this system we guarantee the physical integrity of the players at the same time as a perfect rebound of the ball against the structure.
  • Reinforcement brackets made of structural tube 80x80x2 mm and anchor plate 200x200x10 mm. We separate the anchor plate from the structure, thus avoiding impacts on the structures during transport, and ensuring the perfect integrity of the lacquering. In the bottoms are brackets of 1 m and 0.50 m in the sides.
  • The holes in the plates are countersunk, together with the use of an anchor Ø12 mm per 100 mm with the conical head, so that no element protrudes from the ground, thus avoiding falls of people walking outside the runway.
  • We supply our courts with 2 steel benches made of the same materials as the padel court structure. Perfect bench for the rest of the player.